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The purpose of the Empire Recovery Center is to provide substance use disorder recovery opportunities in supportive environments. The residential program is a community-based peer-group oriented residential setting that provides shelter, detoxification, and recovery services for periods of 30, 60, and 90 days. In addition, the ERC has two outpatient programs. The ERC is a non-profit corporation governed by a community represented Board of Directors and is staffed by qualified professionals, alumni, and volunteers who help maintain a supportive environment and provide recovery opportunities.

Introduction to, and continuance of Twelve Step participation is suggested as well as follow-up services from local agencies in the community. We offer effective professional help in an atmosphere of support and respect. Admission to the Empire Recovery Center will be to any individual regardless of sex, race, religion, ancestry or national origin. ERC is a Member Agency of the United Way.

We would like to thank all the merchants and the community for their support of the resident raffles and the Empire Fundraisers. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.